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I want to verify the authenticity of the detailed vehicle report or the Certificate of the appraisal. What should I do?

Go to verify and enter the unique detailed vehicle report number (which you can find on the front page of the report) or the Certificate number (which you can find at the bottom of the Certificate of appraisal). The authenticity, validity, and selection of details will be visible immediately.

How reliable is the inspection?

The inspection and appraisal are carried out with no interest in the purchase, sale or financing of this vehicle. Our only interest lies in providing the user of this report with an accurate view of the vehicle’s current condition and value.


The inspection is carried out by highly qualified mechanics who have had years of training. The mechanics strictly follow a carefully designed process that requires them to review all important factors for the assessment of a vehicle’s condition. Because the assessment of the condition per factor is standardized there is very little room for interpretation. The summarized condition of each section and for the vehicle as whole is automatically calculated, based on the weighted average condition score, as identified by the mechanic. As a result of this automated process the mechanic is not able to influence the aggregated scoring of the sections condition. Finally, the mechanic is also asked to support his findings with photos, video’s, written descriptions and recommendations. After completing the inspection the mechanics is asked to sign off on the results. As a user of this report you therewith get a comprehensive and retraceable inspection report.


We also perform frequent quality checks to confirm that inspections are carried out to the highest standards.


There are, however, three caveats when it comes to reliability of the inspection:

  1. The inspection will only identify issues that are visible with the eye, noticeable during a road-test, and observed with specialized tools (like the onboard diagnostics reader, a paint-depth-meter and tire-depth meter). The inspection does not assess the condition of smaller parts that are inside the engine, the transmission, the steering box, and other mechanical components because this would, for most purposes, be too costly and time-consuming.
  2. Due to the mechanical nature of vehicles, issues might arise in the future that is currently not yet visible.
  3. The inspection is performed on a specific date and at a registered mileage and listed on the report. Relevancy of the condition and the appraised value is not guaranteed beyond one month or with a different mileage because events that impact the condition might have occurred since then.


We encourage the user of the report to perform their  due diligence, and in case of doubts, ask for a new inspection report.

How reliable is the appraised value?

The appraised value is estimated by us on the year, make, model, type, region, mileage and condition of the vehicle. For this calculation we leverages the database that contains the accurate market value for the over 27’000 different vehicles as registered in the GCC. The database is kept up-to-date by collecting, analyzing and aggregating millions of price-signals per year and comparing these with historical values. The resulting signals are verified by vehicle appraisal experts.


To estimate values we employs a combination of manual and automated data gathering and probabilistic modelling to assess a vehicles market value. We also retrieves, filters, standardizes, verifies, weights and aggregates information from many sources, which may not or not always provide timely, accurate and/or complete information. As a result, all the information presented in this vehicle report, including the assessment of the condition, the appraised value, are solely our informed opinion, and should never be construed as guidance or advice.


Prospective buyers and sellers, and other users of this product, should only take this informed opinion as general and preliminary information and should perform their own assessment of the vehicles condition and value.

I believe that the inspection is not done correctly or that the appraisal is incorrect. What should I do?

Go to contact us page and complete the form. After receipt of your complaint, we will seek to confirm the details of your inspection and appraisal and to identify the cause of the issue within five business days. After we have identified the cause of the issue, we will contact you about the results and propose a solution.

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