Terms & Conditions

  • The vehicle inspection and/or vehicle appraisal have been performed using all reasonable care and expertise. Nevertheless inadvertent errors in both the inspection process and/or the appraisal may occur.
  • The vehicle inspection is a visual check only of the vehicles condition only for the purpose of assessing the current market value. AutoData Middle East and its inspection partners do not provide any warranties regarding the final condition or road worthiness of the vehicle.
  • AutoData Middle East assesses the value of the vehicle using reasonable skill and care in accordance with best industry practices. In assessing the value AutoData Middle East retrieves, standardizes, verifies, filters, weights and aggregates value signals from many different sources, which may or may not (always) provide timely, accurate and complete information. Furthermore AutoData Middle east employs a combination of manual and automated probabilistic modeling to calculate vehicle values. The market values of a vehicle may be influenced by factors that are not (yet) known to AutoData and that are not (yet) taken into account in the models. All values provided are the informed opinion of AutoData Middle East only, and cannot be interpreted or construed as advice or guidance.
  • AutoData Middle East and its inspection partner(s) encourage parties to do their own assessment to confirm the vehicles condition, history and value before committing to any financial or non-financial risk involved with the purchase or provision of a mortgage on the basis of the underlying asset and the credit worthiness of the lender.
  • No rights can be derived from the vehicle inspection and/or the vehicle appraisal.
  • AutoData Middle East and its inspection partner(s) cannot be held liable for any damages, claims, demands, suits or losses, including all costs connected therewith, and for any damages which may be asserted, claimed or recovered against arising out of the interpretation and usage of their vehicle inspection and/or assessments.

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