Buyer beware!
How to buy a used car
without getting a headache and losing money


Get a truly independent inspection of the used car condition and certified appraisal of the used car market value.


Would you buy a house without having seen all the rooms? You probably wouldn’t. Would you believe it just because the seller or some broker says it’s all good? Probably not. Would you be satisfied with an estimation of the value that could be off by more than 10%? No, you’re smarter than that.

Are you also going to be smart when you buy a used car? You’re about to spend a lot of money. You want to check if the used car is in good condition. Or at least that you know all its strengths and weak spots. And, to know how much you can safely spend, you want to know the actual market value. Yes! You’re smart. So you’re going to find an independent expert.

Seek no more. Your comprehensive inspection and certified trusted appraisal by truly independent experts are now readily available. Just go to any Precision Tune AutoCare service station and ask for CARANTEE. You can find a location near you here.

It only takes 45 minutes and will save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Where to get an INDEPENDENT and COMPREHENSIVE inspection and CERTIFIED appraisal


Sellers are usually not the ideal source to get the truth about the used car’s condition. They want to sell the vehicle for the highest possible price, so it’s not really in their best interest to tell you about all the wear and tear. And often, a seller is simply unaware of the exact condition of all the parts of their car.

What may be less obvious is that car sell-services, auctions, and marketplaces are less than ideal sources of information. These services earn most of their fees only if the used car gets sold. So they do not have an incentive to give you a complete and detailed picture of the used car’s condition. And for them, the inspection is a cost. So they often don’t invest the time and resources in a detailed examination. In fact, most of these sell-services don’t look at the most critical parts of the vehicle, like chassis, axles, and the propeller shaft. These are the things that keep your car moving in the right direction. And repairing or replacing them costs a lot of money. So you want to have them checked before you choose to buy a car.

The unbiased inspection and certified appraisal by CARANTEE is genuinely independent. We don’t make any extra money if the car gets sold. We only want to provide an honest view of the condition of the vehicle.

With CARANTEE you really know what you are buying. Get your inspection here.

There’s already an inspection report? You should still get a COMPREHENSIVE independent inspection.


Some digital car buying and selling services have already inspected every vehicle on their website or app. If you look at these inspections, you will notice that most cars there have excellent condition scores. The problem with these inspections is that they are often only done through a quick walk-around the vehicle. These so-called ‘visual inspections’ don’t look at the most critical parts, like the chassis, the axles, and the drive-train. They also score them as a simple pass-fail test, meaning it’s either broken or not. The reality is not that simple. Something can be worn but not broken. For instance, the car’s tires may not need a replacement immediately, but if you’re buying a car, it’s also costly and time-consuming if you have to replace these six months from now. The same is true for many other parts of the vehicle.

The comprehensive inspection from CARANTEE looks at all the essential parts of the car. And our highly trained mechanics will tell you if the inspected parts need replacement or repair in the next six, twelve, and twenty-four months.

With CARANTEE you know what to expect. Want to see a sample of our detailed report? Click here.

The car comes with a warranty? You should still get an INDEPENDENT 3rd party used car inspection.


Sometimes the seller provides a form of warranty. Although that might help you be a little more comfortable, it shouldn’t stop you from getting a comprehensive inspection. Warranties often don’t cover certain parts (like tires, engines, driveshaft, electrical components). And claiming a repair or refund under warranty may also be bothersome.

Get your CARANTEE worry-free used car experience here.

You’ve checked websites, asked a friend, and the price seems fair? You should still get a certified appraisal.


You might have a friend who knows a lot about cars. Or you might have checked used car marketplaces like OpenSouq, Carzaty and Yallamotors to get an idea of the asking price for similar cars. Unfortunately, that won’t give you an accurate market value.

First of all, asking prices are very different from transactional prices. One seller might not want to negotiate much, while others might be willing to sell the car for far less than their asking price. Second, no two vehicles are the same. Many factors impact the actual market value. The exact specifications, the condition, the service history, the accident history, the mileage, the remaining duration of the warranty, and the remaining duration of the service contract, are all crucial factors. The most trusted car market research company in the Middle East spends millions of dollars per year researching market values. This data is usually only made available to professional car dealers, banks, and insurance companies. With the certified market value appraisal from CARANTEE, you get access to the same information.

Other appraisals are often not much more than an educated guess, and their guess is probably as good as your own. Other car valuation companies often only have information on a small part of the market, and that could be just a couple of brands and models or just one sales channel (like the prices on their auction or the sales prices of their dealer network). These other valuation companies also don’t look at the difference between asking and transactional prices, nor do they correct for all the essential things that influence the actual market value.

CARANTEE uses the valuation service from AutoData Middle East. This company analyses more than 125’000 data points per month. And their team of researchers has spent years confirming the different drivers of value. They are not just experts in one brand or model, one sales channel, or one country for that matter. They monitor and research asking prices and transactional values across all brands, models, and channels in five different countries. Their data is the golden standard for governments, banks, and insurance companies. So, it’s no wonder that all the banks accept CARANTEE’s appraisal.

With CARANTEE, you get access to the most accurate, most comprehensive, and most trusted used car specifications, used car history, and used car market value data in Oman.

Be smart. Get CARANTEE here.

Knowing the condition but not the value? Get a CARANTEE valuation certificate.


CARANTEE’s appraisal starts with AutoData’s super accurate market value and then corrects this value for the cost of all required and likely required repairs in six, twelve, and twenty-four months. CARANTEE doesn’t adjust the value based on the overall condition. Instead, it corrects the market value with the time-based value of every specific point. That means that a glovebox that doesn’t close has less impact on the value than a broken suspension. Sounds logical, right? Unfortunately, none of the other services takes this approach.

Only with CARANTEE do you know what the actual market value of the car is!

Get your used car appraised value certificate here.

With CARANTEE buying a car becomes fun and straightforward. Like it should be.


By now, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the things to consider. But it’s pretty simple. Just go to any Precision Tune AutoCare quick-service station near you and ask for a CARANTEE. Within 45mins you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and how much you should be paying.

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